Blogs That Intend to Participate

Thanks to all those who have pledged to participate and liked our Facebook page to date.

Here’s the lineup of potential posters so far. When we have information about the intended post we include it in the listing. Otherwise, prepare to be surprised!

Bargain Becky

Bits by Bets about the Franklin Farmers Market

A Boston Food Diary


Cuisine en Locale

The Curious Reader about a traditional New England cookbook

Delicious Dishings

Doves and Figs about the Arlington Farmers Market

Ferdy on Films on an eating scene in a Massachusetts-set film like The Witches of Eastwick

Good Morning Gloucester/Laurie Lufkin on clam chowder (Laurie will also talk about the clam chowder on her personal blog, Recipes and More from Inspired Cooking)

Happy Valley Locavore

Happy Valley Mama will visit a farmers market or farmstand A DAY during the week and blog about what she cooks with her find.

Inside the Shell about learning to make “take out” in the wilds of Heath

Mama Smiles will look at a farmers market through children’s (or at least a mom’s) eyes

More Cupcakes!

The Other Woman Cooks

Parlez-Moi Blog

A Plateful of Happiness about the Lexington Farmers Market and whatever Betsy makes from it that week

Responsible Eating

Somerville Local First

Strictly Vintage Hollywood about Bette Davis

Wicked Cheap in Boston on saving money at farmers markets

Yesterday Is Over My Shoulder will post every weekday–about farmers markets and her own peppers

Welcome all……..


8 Responses to “Blogs That Intend to Participate”

  1. veganf Says:

    I replied on FaceBook that I’d like to participate but didn’t see any link until now. My blog will be participating for sure:

    • tinkyweisblat Says:

      That’s wonderful. For some reason your comment was mistaken for trash, which is why I didn’t see it before. Welcome…….

  2. Laurie Says:

    And I will put it on my personal blog as well Tinky! All about clam chowder!

  3. Michael Says:

    I will blog!

  4. Amy Says:

    Hi – I’d like to participate. My son and I go to the market on Chandler St. in Worcester – YES, there are farmer’s markets in Worcester! I will try to include a comprehensive list of markets in the area, as well,…and maybe a recipe or two…any other suggestions for post topics?

    • tinkyweisblat Says:

      Hi, Amy–So glad to hear you and Worcester will be in the blogathon! I like both the recipe and the listing ideas. If you need more, I’d say just rely on your unique voice, which I find very appealing.

  5. Boston Food Swap Says:

    The Boston Food Swap will be blogging on it! We’re psyched!

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