The Blogathon Master List

22 August 2010

Participants have been listed here in the order in which we learn of their postings. Enjoy the feast, everybody. And please consider a donation to Mass Farmers Markets………

Sunday, August 22

Helen of Beyond Salmon began the blogathon with her chilled tomato yogurt soup. (Actually, Helen posted early because she is due to have a baby this week. Talk about locally grown!)

Sheila of Pen and Plow Farm ruminates on high-fructose corn syrup, farmers markets, home gardens, and soup kitchens.

Bargain Becky provides a virtual tour of the Weymouth Farmers Market. (She really does love local–and she loves saving money, too!)

Pure Wellness Amy provides a look forward to her posts about farmers markets this week–AND later a look at the goodies she and young Peter found at a Worcester farmers market.

Kate of Village Veggies leads readers through the process of making Down and Dirty Tomato Sauce from her garden haul.

For something completely different Peter at New England Folklore tells a creepy tale about a New England barn in August 1928.

Monday, August 23

Rob of Baked Orchard shares a delicious slideshow of the Copley Square Farmers Market.

Theresa of Farm Share Stories provides non-recipes for a lazy summer day courtesy of her farm share.

Jackie of Wicked Domestic recounts a visit to Greenfest 2010–and the produce stalls at Boston’s Haymarket.

Tara of Happy Valley Mama previews her MULTIPLE posts for the week.

Hannah of The Bitch Stopped Cooking discusses some of the tomato and squash dishes she may make this week–and ponders her husband’s possible reaction to them. (Hannah, go for the summer squash sloppy joes!)

Kathleen of Parlez-Moi Blog provides her recipe for a spicy, local fish stew.

Kimmy of Lighter and Local talks about her visit to the Newburyport Farmers Market–and describes what she has been doing lately with her produce. The potato and squash savory tart looks particularly tempting.

Megan of Delicious Dishings talks about her haul from the Union Square Farmers Market in Somervile. Warning: do not read this post if you are hungry!

Bargain Becky returns with a look at her yummy home garden.

Disposable Aardvarks displays charming locally oriented bento lunches. (This post actually went up Sunday, but we only just saw it!)

In Monday’s post Disposable Aardvarks sings the praises of tomatoes and shares vegan tomato recipes.

Caroline and Tim at the Kitchen Garden Journal write about the end of summer and the slower delights of the colder seasons.

Catherine of Pursuing Domestic Goddess-ness recalls picking peaches and raspberries at Tougas Farm in Northboro. 

Catherine also leads readers through the joys and terrors of large-scale tomato canning.

Jillian of (Mis)Adventures with Food provides a colorful red cabbage recipe designed for non-cabbage fans.

The Boston Globe‘s Green Blog spreads the word about the blogathon–and about Farmers Market Week!

Diane and Laura of New England Bites visit Johnson’s Roadside Farm Market in Swansea.

Bits by Bets provides both an overview of the week and tips for keeping kids happy while picking berries.

Tuesday, August 24

For Monday (but we only just discovered it!), Pure Wellness Amy profiled the veggies and eggs available at Riverdale Farm & Garden and Shady Pine Farm.

For Tuesday Amy returns to sample the bread and tomatoes at Daily Bread Bakery Cafe and Shivick Farm.

Hannah from The Bitch Stopped Cooking goes a little wild with summer-squash sloppy joes.

Kel at More Cupcakes! makes Spanish tortillas from her CSA box.

Elizabeth at On Tap for Today remembers a beloved childhood book as she makes blueberry crisp.

Happy Valley Mama talks shares a few tips she has learned at the farmers market in Northampton.

Megan at Delicious Dishings chows down on everybody’s favorite summer treat, watermelon.

Kathleen at Parlez-Moi Blog dips into green tomatoes and comes up with not one but three recipes!

Molly at Wicked Cheap in Boston lists local farmers markets and suggests ways in which readers can save money while shopping. 

Jillian of (Mis)Adventures with Food raves about her all-purpose hodgepodge couscous salad.

Jeremy at Basic Eating discusses the much maligned purslane–a summer edible he can find five feet from his door.

Catherine of Pursuing Domestic Goddess-ness shares the perfect summer way to cook her CSA cabbage.

Hannah at Strawberries and Tomatoes relishes her own homegrown tomato festival.

Wednesday, August 25

Betsy at A Plateful of Happiness recalls a rainy day at the Lexington Farmers Market. (She also highlighted the blogathon in a post on Monday, which we missed!)

Megan at Delicious Dishings touches on technology and her favorite market while preparing a salad with lemon-basil dressing.

Jeremy at Basic Eating introduces readers to a nutritious plant called Lamb’s Quarters.

Kathleen of Parlez-Moi Blog proves that home-grown (or farm-grown) dyes are the best with her gorgeous family recipe for pickled eggs with red beets and onions.

Teresa of Farm Share Stories throws together a cozy, vegetable-filled corn chowder.

Suzanne of Locavore in the City uses the summer’s tomato bounty to concoct a pasta-less lasagna. 

Catherine of Pursuing Domestic Goddess-ness ponders her weekly CSA share

Hannah of Strawberries and Tomatoes recounts her excellent night in the kitchen (hint: tomatoes are involved!). 

Meggin of Happy Valley Locavore muses on the changes in the weather–and the season. 

Deb of The Other Woman Cooks pays tribute to her grandmother–and her garden–with stuffed eggplant.

Frances of Plate to Plate concocts some quick cherry tomato pickles, just in time for martini hour. 

Kate at Village Veggies gets creative with zucchini chocolate-chip cookies.

Kimberlea at Lighter and Local uses the ingredients she has in the house to make a peach-cardamom crisp

Betsy of Bits by Bets inspires parents and kids with an easy way to get servings of fruit. Betsy’s previous post (which we missed) helps families turn garden zucchini into … crab cakes.

Lara of Good Cook Doris! explores farmers markets and also links to some of her colorful market-inspired recipes.

Thursday, August 26

The blogathon entries are still coming in fast and furiously! Here are today’s additions! While you’re reading, PLEASE remember to donate to Mass Farmers Markets to help keep our state’s markets strong.

I, Tinky at In Our Grandmothers Kitchens, finally get into the act with summery corn fritters and salsa fresca.

Teresa of Farm Share Stories ponders the reasons for eating local food.

Kel at More Cupcakes! opens her farmshare box and makes roasted vegetables, then discusses her reasons for participating in the blogathon.

Bargain Becky visits the North Scituate Farmers Market to find bargains–and a treat for her kids.

Maryanne of Mama Smiles takes her children to the Bedford Farmers Market, where they try new foods and get their hands stamped.

Pure Wellness Amy shifts gears to visit the Nicewicz Family Farm–and shows off the zucchini-ricotta cheesecake she recently took to a bridal shower.

Kathleen of Parlez-Moi Blog concocts a dark and delicious cherry-rhubarb-brambleberry sauce.

Amy at Madame Menu invites readers to share Baby’s First Farmers Market.

Jeremy at Basic Eating takes a bite out of a plant that is everywhere, the dandelion.

We belatedly acknowledge Katie Cohen‘s VIDEO entry, a short film called Sunday Morning at the Farmers Market. (Sorry, Katie!)

Nikki of Art and Lemons explores the glorious colors of tomatoes and makes a tantalizing soup from them. 

Catherine of Pursuing Domestic Goddess-ness ponders her latest farmshare and throws beets and chicken into a curry. 

Kimberlea of Lighter and Local puts her haul of veggies and a little bacon into a tempting lasagna.

Megan of Delicious Dishings mixes bright colors and bright flavors in a watermelon, feta, and heirloom tomato salad

Audrey at Food from Books strays into comfort food by baking penne with corn, zucchini, and basil

Laurie of Recipes and More from Inspired Cooking features clams and more clams–because she’s from Essex.

Stephanie from atomsatwork celebrates the local food movement and visits the Pittsfield Farmers Market.

Friday, August 27

Bianca of Confessions of a Chocoholic roasts green and yellow beans and garnishes them with truffle butter … mmm.

Kathleen of Parlez-Moi Blog provides four separate recipes to recreate her family’s lavish traditional potato-pancake picnic

Martin of Free Range at Madroño Ranch in Texas tells of his favorite romantic Massachusetts meal–one at which he wasn’t even present! 

Christy at The Outer Aisle has TWO new posts. First, she makes a simple stir fry with Asian eggplant from her CSA. Next, she delves into her farmshare and comes up with … callaloo soup (and a little Jimmy Buffett–or should we say Buffet?). 

Jeremy of Basic Eating goes back to his front door for a little wood sorrel

Kate at Village Veggies concocts a succulent Punjab eggplant

Kel of More Cupcakes! provides our second callalou recipe of the day. (Now, that’s a phrase you don’t hear every day!) 

Jillian of (Mis)Adventures with Food gets a few surprises when she tries toasting watermelon seeds

Catherine of Pursuing Domestic Goddess-ness makes quick pickles with her extra zucchini.

Krista of Disposable Aardvarks gets creative with kale

Pat the Commonweeder lists ten reasons to shop at farmers markets and comes up with a new local food slogan. 

Nikki at Art and Lemons lists five ways to eat more beets along with a recipe for marinated beet salad. 

Saturday, August 22

Teresa of Farm Share Stories pens a sonnet to her little white eggplant

JJ of Cuisine en Locale sings the season’s praises

Betsy at A Plateful of Happiness uses her farmers market haul for an after-work Asian-inspired pasta salad with summer vegetables

Meghan of Travel, Wine, and Dine sums up her season of produce in words and pictures in honor of Farmers’ Market Week.

Pure Wellness Amy shows off her sense of humor and her culinary skills with a colorful green bean salad

Sarah in the Kitchen plans a gluten-free meal around her ancho chicken chili. 

Tinky of In Our Grandmothers’ Kitchens goes peachy kean with a summery crumble.

Catherine of Pursuing Domestic Goddess-ness transforms peaches into Loving Local candy

Myrna of The PescoVegetarian Times samples local products and explains why every week is Farmers’ Market Week at her house. 

Nikki at Art and Lemons comes home from the Falmouth Farmers Market with goodies–and a story.

Julie of How Does YOUR Garden Grow? shares a plateful of joy as she extols Holiday Brook Farm in Dalton.

Kathleen of Parlez-Moi Blog remembers a youth of roasting corn and catching frogs and shares a cucumber-salad recipe.

Kel at More Cupcakes! shares her recipe for wheat berry tabouleh (and manages to work in the word “chiffonade”). 

Joe at Somerville Local First discusses the ways in which the local-food movement is influencing the local movement in general. 

We have TWO posts from First, Jeremy discusses the consequences of buying blueberries in bulk. Next, Emma chronicles the summer’s explosion of tomatoes

We belatedly discovered a post from Monday by Jeremy at Basic Eating in which he discussed his challenge for the week–to discover four edible plants within fifty feet of his front door!

In what Tinky thinks is our 100th post (although she’s a little bleary eyed so she will have to recount later!), Michael of My World by Michael writes of his love for spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce

Rob at Baked Orchard shares his experience at the Framingham Farmers Market.

Disposable Aardvarks returns with two great lunch recipes and a farmer’s market tour.

Abbe from Out of the Box doesn’t let a little thing like a camping trip get in the way of using and eating a LOT of peaches.

Lara of Good Cook Doris! surveys her local loot before showing off a simple, tasty main dish.

Late Additions:

This one was actually early–but we missed it! Ellen at Bottomless Kitchen announced the blogathon and put in a plea for funds for farmers markets. 

Maleah at MassMoms wrote about teaching her little boy where good food comes from. 

And Kathleen at Parlez-Moi Blog explains how the blogathon reunited old friends.

Farmers’ Market Week Is Just Around the Corner!

20 August 2010

Here are a few more additions to the proposed lineup. Sunday the Blogathon starts!

200 Foot Garden

farm share stories about cooking from an Enterprise Farm share

Free Range

Hungry Bruno about Stone Soup Farm

In Our Grandmothers’ Kitchens

Make Lunch Not War

New England Folklore

Our Year at the Fahm

Strawberries and Tomatoes

Added later:

Central Mass Local Food

(Mis)Adventures with Food

It’s Monday!

16 August 2010


(Actually, some of these folks tried to state their intentions earlier, but Facebook stymied Tinky, who tries to keep track of these things. She offers her apologies.)

atomsatwork about the Pittsfield Farmers Market

The Bitch Stopped Cooking about cooking with veggies from the CSA and the garden

Daniel Lieberman

Dishes in the Key of Yum

Free Food Boston

Fun and Fearless in Beantown

I Heart Grueling

Katie Cohen with delicious photos

Madame Menu about baby’s first trip to the farmers market

More Cupcakes! about what she does with the produce from her farm shares

Out of the Box about something that followed her home from the farmers market and what she did with it

The Outer Aisle

The PescoVegetarian Times about the Belmont Farmers Market and/or a home garden

Wicked Domestic

Update as of August 13

13 August 2010

Lots of peachy new posts! Obviously Friday the Thirteenth is a lucky day for our blogathon.

Art and Lemons about cooking with the week’s farm share

Basic Eating about foods the author can find/forage within 50 feet of his front door!

Boston Sustainable Food Examiner

Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Confessions of a Chocoholic

Cooking Is My Therapy

Food from Books

Gemüsings—Vegan Musings about a variety of farmers markets

Good Cook Doris!

Lighter and Local about creations from the Newburyport Farmers Market and North Shore farms

Locavore in the City about what’s coming out of this locavore’s community garden in late August

On Tap for Today

Pursuing Domestic Goddess-ness

More Pledges as of August 10!

10 August 2010

No wonder our poster farmer has a smile on her face! MORE blogs have said they would like to participate.  Here are the additions:

Baked Orchard

Beyond Salmon will share a recipe for chilled yogurt tomato soup

Boston Zest

Bread and Beta

Disposable Aardvarks Inc.

The Fresh Dish

My World by Michael (the blog of hostess Tinky’s young nephew)

New England Bites

purewellnessamy about Worcester farmers markets and more

Savoring the Seasons

Travel, Wine, and Dine

Village Veggies

Blogs That Intend to Participate

5 August 2010

Thanks to all those who have pledged to participate and liked our Facebook page to date.

Here’s the lineup of potential posters so far. When we have information about the intended post we include it in the listing. Otherwise, prepare to be surprised!

Bargain Becky

Bits by Bets about the Franklin Farmers Market

A Boston Food Diary


Cuisine en Locale

The Curious Reader about a traditional New England cookbook

Delicious Dishings

Doves and Figs about the Arlington Farmers Market

Ferdy on Films on an eating scene in a Massachusetts-set film like The Witches of Eastwick

Good Morning Gloucester/Laurie Lufkin on clam chowder (Laurie will also talk about the clam chowder on her personal blog, Recipes and More from Inspired Cooking)

Happy Valley Locavore

Happy Valley Mama will visit a farmers market or farmstand A DAY during the week and blog about what she cooks with her find.

Inside the Shell about learning to make “take out” in the wilds of Heath

Mama Smiles will look at a farmers market through children’s (or at least a mom’s) eyes

More Cupcakes!

The Other Woman Cooks

Parlez-Moi Blog

A Plateful of Happiness about the Lexington Farmers Market and whatever Betsy makes from it that week

Responsible Eating

Somerville Local First

Strictly Vintage Hollywood about Bette Davis

Wicked Cheap in Boston on saving money at farmers markets

Yesterday Is Over My Shoulder will post every weekday–about farmers markets and her own peppers

Welcome all……..

A Blogathon to Celebrate the Flavors of Massachusetts

24 July 2010

Poster Designed by Leon Peters

This site will list all the participants in “Loving Local,” a blogathon scheduled for August 22-28, 2010.

Please leave a comment below if you would like to participate in this festive event.

It will be Farmers Market Week before you know it…………..